Torero: Artivista! Viva la REvolution!

Torero: Artivista! Viva la REvolution!



You Are Cordially Invited to the Opening Reception for

Torero: Artivista! Viva La REvolution!

Thursday, September 27th; 4:30 pm Live Painting Demonstration

6:30 pm Reception

@ Latchkey Brewing Company, located in the

Historical Mission Brewery Plaza, 2120 W. Washington St, San Diego

Mario Torero’s lifelong dedication to both Chicano and ancient indigenous
cultures is rooted in every aspect of the post-modern metropolis in transition.
Torero’s border town attitude of survival through transition, sustainability and
adaptation is very much alive in the colors of his paintings and murals.
No more so than in the eyes of his portraits themselves. All of his subjects,
Picasso, Cesar Chavez, Che, Prince or Jesus share an intensity in their stare
that gives the viewer the uncanny feeling that they are being intensely
scrutinized themselves they view the portrait.

San Diego artist Torero has devoted his life to being an Artivista, an artist of
the people, for the people. Latchkey Brewing Company is presenting a rare exhibition of Torero’s canvas portraitures and symbolic magic realist paintings.
A unique window into a profoundly engaged artist’s mind.

You are invited to the opening launch at which the artist will give a short talk to the attendees about each of his paintings. 

Torero’s original work will be for sale on site as priced as well as his accompanying art prints
and the exclusive exhibition poster bearing his portrait of Zapata as depicted above.
Torero will be participating in a Live Painting demonstration with his special guests Yokohama artist, Rocco Satoshi and Tijuana artist, Enrique Chiu, as part of the Three Artists–Three Sister Cities Live Painting on site at 4 pm.

Torero’s work has been exhibited throughout the USA, and last year inducted
into the Library of Congress. His community mural projects are tattooed
throughout Southern California. Torero has completed over 25 murals in San
Diego County alone, mobilizing young locals to assist in the painting of the
mural wall as a community project. His mural paintings represent two works
of art: the mural itself and the process by which he executes the installation.

RSVP for Opening Reception: (858) 284-7076